When to spend and when to save

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When to spend and when to save

Recently someone asked me when should you spend money and when can you make savings in the sourcing stage of a home project. It’s a big question, and mostly depends on what your intention is for the space. The answer is going to look very different for someone who is building their dream home to another person who is renovating for profit, or to create a boutique accommodation business, such as the holiday property owner who asked the question at the recent Hosted Home workshop. 

These questions have been front of mind this week though as I’ve started sourcing some items for my own home. While I’d love to have the most beautiful and handcrafted piece for every element, it’s not always within my budget. There are times when I have to make compromises. However, over the years I have noticed that there are areas where I can save, but not at the expense of the vision as a whole. And there are times when it’s worth spending. 

Worth spending

In general, objects that you touch and use every day are worth the investment. Not only because they feel better, but also they tend to be more durable.

Hardware - This includes door and drawer handles. But you don’t always have to buy the most expensive option. I’ve listed some of my favourite suppliers here. Go for pieces that are close to their original state. Hardware that has had a coating applied doesn’t always wear well, especially objects that are used on a regular basis such as kitchen drawer handles and kitchen taps.

Lighting - There have been a few times I’ve bought lighting and held my breath because of the price. But I’ve never regretted it. Timeless quality pieces can work in a range of different spaces and homes. Most recently I’ve hung a pair of Belgium black industrial lights above my dining table that were previously hung in my son’s bedroom and before that in the showroom for Imprint House. Paying for quality pieces in classic styles is a good investment over time .

Save your money

Almost every item of furniture in my home is either vintage or second-hand. Some of them have been great buys online. And all of them will hold their value, and can be traded again if I decide they are no longer suitable for our home. 

Dining tables - You can’t go wrong with a classic farmhouse table. They work in almost every type of interior, and can create quite a different look, depending on whether they are stripped back, stained or painted. Many are available at an affordable price from online trading sites, such as Gumtree.

Chairs - Again, there are many classic options that are quite inexpensive available online. It’s hard to go past a bentwood chair for their form and function. Often quite inexpensive too.

Stools - I have always loved using stools throughout my homes. They are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture, and can be used as bedside tables, side tables, as well as somewhere to sit at the dining table or at a desk. These vintage elm stools are my favourite.

Rugs - While I do love a one-off vintage design, there are many places you can buy good-quality (and sustainable and/or ethical) rugs for a reasonable price, including Armadillo & Co. Seagrass matting, jute rugs and hides are all timeless affordable options too. 

Stay tuned - enrolments opening soon for The Hosted Home workshop.

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