Give away everything you know


About a year ago I read a book that has quite literally changed my life. Actually, I re-read it, as I do almost every year. But I paid particular attention to one of the many gems of wisdom. And I decided to put it into action. 

“Do not covet your ideas. Give away everything you know, and more will come back to you.”

It is from the best-selling book, It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be by Paul Arden (Phaidon).

Basically the idea is that we cannot create with a scarcity mindset because it contracts our creativity. Instead, we should give away everything we know because when we do, it forces us to dig deeper, and create even better work.

In August 2018 I created The Styling Masterclass workshop with this idea at its core - I was going to share everything I knew about styling. After many requests I turned it into an online course - The Styling Masterclass - and I have taught it four times to students all over the globe.

The best part was that I loved the experience of creating content and sharing it with students to watch them grow, create better work and flourish. I soon realised that as a teacher, there’s no better feeling. 

About a year after my first ever workshop, I returned to the face-to-face format with one of the most talented and hardworking creatives that I know - Lauren Charge, the co-founder and designer of Salt at Shoal Bay. Together we launched The Hosted Home workshop.

Again, we took Paul Arden’s idea and put it into practice. I shared everything I knew about styling, content creation and getting features into magazines around the world (my job for the best part of 10 years). Lauren shared everything she’s learned about branding and marketing from time working at some of Australia’s leading advertising and design agencies. And how to create a successful holiday rental business based on her experience at Salt at Shoal Bay.

“Somehow the more you give away, the more comes back to you.”

Paul Arden was right again.

It started when we approached some local suppliers. Each one above and beyond to be part of the workshop event, and create the best possible experience for the people who attended the workshop.

Josie and her staff at The Home Interior in Nelson Bay hand-delivered coffee and hot drinks to guests on their arrival. And everyone was treated to a special breakfast the next day.

Millie from Tamboon Leather created beautiful leather compendiums for everyone’s course notes, and helped set the scene the night before.

Lunch by Miss Mays Picnics exceeded everyone’s expectations on the first day. And The Tea Collective went above and beyond on day two.

We were treated again in the afternoon by Sharp and Co Platters, featuring locally made handcrafted pastries from A Sweet Ride Called Clyde.

Plus, a beautiful portrait photo by Teresa Brincat, whose photos of Salt at Shoal Bay have gone viral around the world.

This was just the beginning.

While Lauren and I shared everything we knew, and formatted it in a step-by-step guide for others to use within their own projects, we were excited to connect with the incredible group of holiday property owners (and some to-be) who had joined the workshop. Their projects included:

Calabash Bay Lodge


Eliza Lee One


Format Group

Unique Stays Auz

Seaside Escape at Caves Beach

On Addison

Soque Warehouse Apartments

In a time when we so often connect via devices it’s so enriching to meet face to face. Nothing beats human connection and interaction. Over the two days of The Hosted Home workshop there was laughter and heart-felt tears, as well as friendships forged. We shared our stories, ideas and passions. We encouraged and empowered each other. And that was more than we ever hoped for.

The Hosted Home workshop is now open again for enrolment. 


Photography Teresa Brincat

EVENTSNatalie Walton