How to style with what you've got - part II


There is often a misconception that we need to accumulate a lot of props for styling. It’s a question I get asked often in The Styling Masterclass. However, most of the time we already have what we need. And what we don't have, we can usually source easily. Here are the three key props that I take along to photo shoots that you can often find within your own home.


While I have slowly accumulated a collection of vases for different needs - and even sourced my ideal vase (the perfect height and diameter) for the launch collection of Imprint House - I continue to add to my collection in simple ways. Glass drink bottles are beautiful to use, and come in a range of sizes. Most recently I’ve been using one from Combi in Byron Bay. But also the Antipodes glass bottles are a great shape. Sometimes I use pantry storage jars - both the larger ones that hold pasta as well as the smaller ones for passata. Bonne Maman jam jars are great too - I use these in so many ways at home. I even have friends who use them as a portable coffee cup.


Most interior scenes benefit from a softening textural layer in the form of a tea towel, bath towel or blanket throw. The ones that I have accumulated slowly over the years have been used time and time again because they are neutral and add a subtle layer without bringing too much attention to themselves. This is my favourite tea towel and this is my favourite throw. When I’ve been on location and not been able to carry my favourites, I’ve used everything from a linen shirt, pyjama top and my own scarf to create this look. You can also use a bath towel in a kitchen or bedroom, depending on the fabric and the way you fold the fabric. There are lots of tricks. Also, consider buying a few different lengths of fabric from haberdashery store. Often it doesn’t matter if they’re hemmed as they are just a detail in the background. 


Incorporating flowers and foliage into a space is one of my favourite ways to add sculptural elements. However, sometimes it’s not always possible to get to a florist, especially if I’m travelling interstate or have an early shoot start time. Depending on the situation, I will sometimes run outside into my own garden and trim branches, monstera plants or look along the roadside for anything that’s suitable. Often the bigger the better. And I always make sure I have a pair of secateurs in the car in case I find anything worth foraging on my drive.

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Photo Chris Warnes, Styling Natalie Walton

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