What is visual storytelling?


What is visual storytelling?

One of the most common questions that comes up in The Styling Masterclass is around the concept of visual storytelling. It’s a simple idea that can perhaps seem a little abstract when we don’t have a strong sense of the story we want to share. So let’s break it down.

Styling is a way to create a story using visual elements. However, just like there are many types of art, books and pieces of music, there are many spaces we can create. One is not necessarily better than an another. Instead, they are different types of expression. And they will appeal to different types of people.

But while the results can vary, the path to creation is often the same. It doesn’t matter what’s your preferred medium, there are three important steps to creating a visual story.

1. Intention

Ask, what is my intention with this space, scene or image? What story or message do I want to share? What idea do I want to get across? What’s my purpose in creating this space? And what is the purpose of the finished work? This is my intention.

2. Curation

How will the choices, objects and elements within this space help tell my story? How will they contribute to the overall idea? Consider the material selection, the provenance of the pieces, the tones and the textures, and how they all work together.

3. Editing

Ask, is everything working towards my vision? Does the space feel right? If not, then systematically go through the choices and consider what feels askew. Does it look right? Is the balance out of proportion? Is there enough negative space? Is the image grounded? Is there a sense of flow? Does it feel authentic? We connect with spaces that feel genuine and that are created from a place of truth - that means, we’re not trying to copy someone else’s style but telling a story through our experience. Add and subtract until the key styling elements (focal point, scale/proportion, balance, energy, connection and purpose) are working in harmony to tell your story.

These are ideas that I share in The Hosted Home Workshop, which closes for enrolment on 11th October, 2019.

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